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A Christmas Card From December 1944

Xmas 1944_edited.jpg
The image is a postcard Christmas greeting provided to military personnel in the European Theater during World War II. The actual card was sent by a Corporal in the 264th Field Artillery Battalion, a deceased member of the American Legion Post 690.
The card was postmarked December 5th, 1944, and was mailed from eastern France near Strasbourg. In pencil, just above Liberty's head, three simple words appear--"Soon I Hope." It was a Christmas message to this soldier's family that he hoped the war would be over soon, and that he would return home.

Eleven days after the card was mailed, the German Army made a push from Germany into Belgium and Luxembourg, beginning the Battle of the Bulge. This soldier and his unit moved north engaging the enemy. It turns out that the war was not over soon, he would have to wait until Spring.
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